Inova xmas beer packaging

A design for our annual Xmas company gift for employees at Inova. I designed a custom packaging for a beer can together with two accompanying coasters. I wanted design to be simple, yet warm and distinctive.


Design includes reindeers, sleighs, gifts (that cleverly include Inova’s rectangular logo), houses, xmas tree decor and beer can opener to give it some flavour. Frame is a nod to the art deco style with its golden gradients and bold stroke styles.

Inova beer

To accompany the beer cans I also designed a set of two coasters – one with motifs from the beer can and the other a stylised snowflake.

As we could not print gradients and gold proved to be problematic as well, the final print was on a transparent sticker with black stroke that conveyed a more raw execution  – bringing the natural can colour to the front.

Design has been nominated for the best beer packaging design of 2024 by DesignRush.

All rights reserved. ©️ Barbara Muraus