Krizozher (“crisis-eater”) logo was made for the Krizozher project in 2012 which I started together with my friend Anja Magajna. Our objective was an automated online portal similar to a social network where people could freely share their goods.

Registered user would have created an account where they could list up to three goods they need and unlimited amount of goods they are giving away. When the match would been generated (for example table needed and table given away by another user) both sites would be notified. The idea was not to show all of the available items in order to prevent opportunistic acquisition of goods.

Due to unprofessionalism of the developers involved in the project, the web portal never went live. I still carry the idea around but in this day and age I see it as a mobile app.

Looking back at the design that is now a decade old, I would change a lot of things, starting with the font :).

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